Virtual Reality (RV)

What is virtual reality?

Mobile PhoneVirtual Reality (VR) is a real-looking environment. An environment generated by computer technology, which creates in the user the feeling of being immersed in it from a web browser.

We can divide the Virtual Reality into two categories. The difference between these two is very large, but they fulfill the same objective:

1. Non-immersive Virtual Reality: Use familiar media (monitor, keyboard, mouse, joystick, navigator, etc.) with which we can interact in different environments without the need for additional devices. This approach has several advantages such as: low cost and easy and fast acceptance of users. Less health risks.

2. Immersive Virtual Reality: The immersive approach consists of a series of devices of the highest technology such as helmets, glasses, gloves or other devices that capture the position and rotation of different parts of the human body. These devices are of high cost and generally the user prefers to manipulate the virtual environment by means of familiar devices such as the keyboard and the mouse that by means of heavy helmets or gloves.

How to experience the Virtual Reality?

Environments created for Virtual Reality NOT immersive, require a desktop, tablet or laptop and have a compatible browser installed.

It is necessary to clarify that NOT in all devices works Virtual Reality due to multiple factors: outdated operating system, without gyroscope, blocks, among others. Therefore, we recommend that you test the device on which you are going to navigate:
Choose the right browser: Compatibility with WebGL.

Warnings about health in the

Immersive Virtual Reality

Mobile Phone Due to the novelty of this technology, we should not abuse its use. Any electronic device, whether tablets, mobiles, fluorescent lights, monitors and, of course, Virtual Reality glasses emit some radiation that may eventually be harmful to the human eye.

Before using, we must read the health and safety notices in the instruction manual of the RV devices. We are responsible for carefully reviewing the standards and use, therefore, we must supervise the minors to make sure they follow the recommendations.

If any user suffers from epilepsy or has suffered some type of fainting, consult your doctor before navigating on our platform. If browsing our platform you experience any of the following symptoms or health problems: Dizziness, Nausea, Altered vision, Discomfort or pain in your eyes, Loss of consciousness, Disorientation, Attacks or any involuntary movement or convulsion, move away from the screen by 20 minutes. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor and RESUME ONLY IF YOUR DOCTOR APPROVES.


Mobile Phone It is recommended that you consult a doctor (such as a pediatrician or ophthalmologist) before allowing young boys and girls to use RV devices, watch 3D video images or use stereoscopic 3D games. It is suggested for:

Non-immersive Virtual Reality: Use it over 6 years, since the vision of children under this age is still in the process of development.

Immersive Virtual Reality: Use it over 12 years with recommendations on the frequency in time and the respective rest.

Other recommendations

Google Cardboard
Check the environment and clear it of objects and obstacles before using any device, even if you use our platform. Take measures to prevent your pets, family members or others from entering the RV area, you no longer see the world around you.
Use them in a well-lit area and stay as far away from the device screen as possible.
The inappropriate use and handling of the screens, to reduce the chances of suffering an epileptic attack. Avoid prolonged use of our platform. The duration and frequency of breaks will vary according to each person. It is suggested to take a break of 15 minutes for each hour of play, so that any feeling of discomfort decreases. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.
Avoid using our platform when you are tired or need to sleep.